Junior Takes Tour of Europe for Her Birthdays

Laura’s first birthday was spent in Germany, a small place called English Garden. When she turned two, she travelled to Switzerland. Three: Austria. Four: Italy. Five: France. Six: Greece. And then the United States.

“When I went to France, [age five] I went to the Disneyland there,” junior Laura Grass said. “They had so many different things that it felt a little awkward. It was nice to see the difference but I didn’t know what to do since it wasn’t really familiar.”

Another thing that Grass experienced from these different countries was the cuisine. Although she wouldn’t go to extremes to try the food, like snakes or exotic birds, she did eat many of the delicacies offered.

“I love the food,” she said. “Especially German food. They had this type of sauce, salsa like, that was mostly local but it tasted so good.”

Her favorite country was Greece because she had a totally different experience there. She was interested in knowing what other people’s reaction of her was, or how she could relate American culture with these foreign ones. She is a social person so she loves to make friends and meet new people. Now she can say she has friends in multiple countries.

“If I could relive any of those, it would be Germany,” Grass said. “Since I don’t remember much of what happened I would love to redo it. I want to go see all of the things I haven’t seen and try all of the things I haven’t.”

Grass also mentioned that she was the first person in her family to spend many of her birthdays in a different country. Now she doesn’t get to go as much as she would like, but if she could she would want to go to Iraq and Israel to get a feel of the culture and religions. She likes learning about different religions and wants to expand her knowledge and experience.

“After all of this, I can say that I’ve lived,” Grass said.