NFL News + Updated predictions, Post week 6


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Oct 20-Week 6 in the NFL has come to an end, and we have some interesting (and heartbreaking) news to cover, plus my updated predictions of what teams will finish where.

Chicago Bears (5-1 (5 wins, 1 loss))- My hometown team, the good ole Chicago Bears moved to 5-1 after an ugly 23-16 victory over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday afternoon. However, as starting Quarterback Nick Foles stated, “would you rather lose pretty or win ugly?” Wins are wins regardless. I still don’t know what to think of Chi, but their next 3 matchups (The LA Rams, New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans) were all playoff teams in at least one of the last two seasons (the Saints in both). The results will definitely show me, and a lot of other football fans, whether or not the Bears mean business in 2020.

Dallas Cowboys (2-4)- Despite their gosh awful record, the Cowboys sit atop of an NFC East division that is in such bad shape, some are saying they shouldn’t even have a playoff spot. The Cowboys were pounded at home on a Nationally Televised Monday Night Football game by the Arizona Cardinals, 38-10. The Cardinals offense was led by second year Quarterback Kyler Murray, who happened to have played High School Football at Allen High School, just 45 Minutes from AT&T Stadium, the Cowboys home. On top of all this, star Cowboys QB Dak Prescott was injured last week in the Cowboys game vs. the New York Giants. Prescott suffered a dislocation and Compound fracture in his Right Ankle, and will be out for the Rest of 2020. This allowed for Veteran backup QB Andy “Red Rocket” Dalton to take over. The Red Rocket would lead the Cowboys to Victory over New York, 37-34. In his first start as a Cowboy however, he lost big. In other good news, since the NFC East is in such bad shape, the Cowboys playoff hopes are still alive at this moment in time.

Buffalo Bills (4-2)- It may look like the Bills are a real contender, especially with that 4-2 record and an apparent Breakout season for QB Josh Allen. But the Bills have now lost 2 straight after a 4-0 start. Don’t get me wrong, they lost to two of the top teams in the AFC; the defending Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, on Monday afternoon, and the 5-0 Tennessee Titans the week before. The latter of whom lost to that same Chiefs team in the AFC Championship Game last season. In both games, the defense couldn’t do a dang thing against the Tennessee or KC Rushing attack, with their opponents rushing for a combined 300+ rushing yards over those two weeks, as well as a combined 4 rushing touchdowns. Tennessee would blow out the Bills 42-16, and the Chiefs would overcome them in a close 26-17 game. However, the Bills play the winless 0-6 New York Jets next week, which should hopefully be a good rebound for them. But if they manage to blow that game, it may spell disaster for the confidence of a Bills team already in Rough shape.

Predictions, post Week 6:
North: Winner: Chicago Bears, 11-5 Record, 3rd NFC Seed
Wild Card 1: Green Bay Packers, 11-5 Record, 5th NFC Seed
South: Winner: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 12-4 Record, 2nd NFC Seed
East: Winner: Dallas Cowboys, 7-9 Record, 4th NFC Seed
West: Winner: Seattle Seahawks, 14-2 Record, 1st NFC Seed
Wild Card 2: Los Angeles Rams, 10-6 Record, 6th NFC Seed
Wild Card 3: Arizona Cardinals, 10-6 Record, 7th NFC Seed
North: Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers, 13-3 Record, 2nd AFC Seed
Wild Card 1: Baltimore Ravens, 12-4 Record, 5th AFC Seed
Wild Card 2: Cleveland Browns, 10-6 Record, 6th AFC Seed
South: Winner: Tennessee Titans, 15-1 Record, 1st AFC Seed
East: Winner: Buffalo Bills, 12-4 Record, 4th AFC Seed
West: Winner: Kansas City Chiefs, 13-3 Record, 3rd AFC Seed
Wild Card 3: Las Vegas Raiders, 10-6 Record, 7th AFC Seed