‘Hairspray the Musical’: Fun, Yet Also Enlightening


The cast of ‘Hairspray” ends their performance with a fun finish.

The Fine Arts Department’s production of the musical Hairspray delivered an upbeat and fantastic performance. The cast did an absolute wonderful job of portraying the story of Tracy Turnblad, a teenage girl who challenges the discriminations of race and body types in the 1960s and in turn finds love and achieves her goal.

The cast performed many outstanding dance numbers and songs, such as “It Takes Two” and “Welcome to the Sixties.” Not only were the musical numbers amazing, but their costumes were really in tune with the setting of the story and accurate with the fashions of the 1960s.

“Compared to the other musicals we’ve had, Hairspray was the most challenging we’ve ever done,” drama teacher Aaron Johnson said. “There is much more singing and dancing involved.”

However Hairspray was not just about the dance numbers and music; it delivered an important message.The musical discusses topics such as discrimination and body image, which still are issues in today’s society.

“My favorite scene in the musical is ‘Welcome to the Sixties,’ where an insecure character gets a makeover and gains confidence,” junior Nathan Thompson, who played the mother of the main character, Edna Turnblad, said.

It was evident that the Hairspray cast spent weeks preparing and practicing in order for the musical to be a success, and without a doubt they achieved their goal.

“It was a lot of work to put together,” junior D’Mariel Jones, who played Seaweed J. Stubbs, said. “But it was really fun.”

Hairspray is definitely a musical that will continue to live on and touch many viewers with its humorous and fun scenes, and especially with its important message to everyone that they should never be discouraged and ashamed of how they look.