Art Provides Sophomore a Creative Outlet

Sophomore Sharky Alvarado draws a mythical figure representing the idea of uniqueness and freedom of expression. Sharky aims to spread awareness and uses her art to functionally do so.

Amrin Madhani

Sophomore Sharky Alvarado draws a mythical figure representing the idea of uniqueness and freedom of expression. Sharky aims to spread awareness and uses her art to functionally do so. "I think the most affective way to get through people,"Alvarado said, "Is to show them the reality. Make them see what they're doing and then it's their choice, do they want to continue what they are doing or put a stop to it."

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Sophomore Sharky Alvarado is a talented artist who uses her artwork to convey a special message to all her viewers. Her work includes landscape, fantasy creatures, animals, and abstract. Alvarado also is a part-time professional artist. She has sold many of her art pieces and painted a mural for Rome’s Pizza.

“When someone asks me if I can draw something for them, we work out a payment system and I give them what they want,” Alvarado said.

Alvarado’s inspiration comes from the movie Spirit; her fascination drew her to attempt art and she has been drawing since kindergarten. She started off with horses and expanded to different areas such as mythology, still life, sculpture and abstract art.

“In all honesty, Spirit gave me a huge jump,” Alvarado said. “If I hadn’t stumbled upon it, I don’t know where I would be now. But if it’s my destiny then surely it would come to me one way or another.”

Alvarado wants to giver her viewers something to think about. Most of what she does is only a veil that overshadows her true intention. She incorporates a lot of symbolism and wants people to think deeper and understand the message.

“Some of my artwork, along with the puzzles, include controversies. Like they are two different sides of the same coin.”

Her drawing Lonely depicts a sad dog in need of help. At a glance, it may seem sad and heartfelt but upon a closer look, viewers realize that the wounded dog is not suffering from pain, but the loss of love.

“When I drew the dog I put the pain in his eyes. He wants someone to be with him and to care for him, but instead he is lonely,” Alvarado said. “The message I wanted to get across was try and help anyone you can. Stop all the hating and all the meanness; spread love, joy and happiness.”

Alvarado’s goal is to use her artwork to convince people to do the right things. Her art is intended to make a person go deep within and ask themselves “what does that mean to me?”

“Change starts within, it’s like a flame,” Alvarado said. “You realize the importance of the issue and it’s ignited,. Spreading your ideas and helping people is the burning of the flame. Don’t let the flame die out, hold on to it and shine with it.”

She draws for causes such as anti-bullying, helping those in need, and self-confidence among others. She is visioned with creativity, expressions, and humbleness. She doesn’t make a big deal about her artwork but hopes that her hard work and honesty really pays off.

“All I want to say to people is care; care for people, nature, animals, yourself,” Alvarado said. “Respect it and value it. Once you learn how to do that don’t just sit around and do nothing about it. Stand up and try to make a difference. Contribute some part, big or small. It really helps.”

Alvarado draws, paints, and creates to further the cause for which many people are working towards. Along with many people she too wants to see a happy world and a pain-free environment. Her passion encourages others to contribute to all the aspects of social things.

“Something comes from nothing, nothing comes from anything, anything comes from you. What better place to start than at your own school?” Alvarado said.