Dear Mr. President…

Letter writing campaign to former presidential candidates sponsored by library


Everybody has a voice to be heard.

The librarians understood the need students have to reach out to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton after the election with their ideas and opinions.

This led to the introduction of letter writing in the Makerspaces, a table set with envelopes, McNeil letterhead and all the paper needed to express one’s thoughts.

“They can write whatever they want,” Librarian Laura Falli said. “They can tell the president-elect their hopes and dreams.”

The letter writing space also took on another meaning, with Hillary Clinton’s loss felt deeply by many.

“We have students who are upset and it’s a cathartic way for them to express their feelings,” Falli said.

Letters written to Clinton will be mailed along with those addressed to Trump starting on Nov. 14, but letters written after the date will still be sent.

Librarians Amelia Lewis and Falli explain how all letters sent to presidents are archived in the presidential libraries forever. Handwritten letters are also more likely to get replies from the president.

“We wanted students to know they have a voice and can be a part of history,” Falli said.