Students light up the night at HOCO 2017 dance


Image by Natasha Alba

Students at the dance

The Hollywood themed Homecoming dance took place Sept. 16 at the Fickett Center on I-35.

“I’m new here, and I wanted to see how the school dances here were like,” senior Keenon Jackson said. “It was a bigger turnout than I expected.”

Sophomore Kaleeyse Martinez was nominated for Sophomore Homecoming Duchess.

“I was really surprised that I was nominated,” Martinez said. “I was glad my friends supported me.”

At the dance, pop music played while students excitedly danced. Other students sat down at the tables, talking with their friends or eating .

“It was a little awkward at first because there weren’t a lot of freshmen here,” freshman Raghav Bhatnagar said. “But then a lot of freshmen showed and it became really fun.”

Last year, there was a bonfire outside that students could sit around.

“I wish it was cooler because I miss the bonfire,” junior Cathy Ha said.

The dance was from 8-11 p.m. Many students stayed the entire time.

“I went to all my middle school dances,” freshman Connor Melcer said. “I think this one is really fun.”