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McNeil 2018 homecoming spirit week was decorated by every students beautifully.

McNeil 2018 homecoming spirit week was decorated by every students beautifully.

Homecoming week was a celebration. Great news, varsity football won the Homecoming

game in four years. Tennis won the homecoming game, too.

During Homecoming week, students made themselves shine in mums that hung on their shirts, and their backpacks. Student council have come up with the ideas of 2018 Homecoming spirit week. Monday(10/1) to Friday(10/5), students were encouraged to dress up. With the posterboard hung in the main hall, students eagerly participated, showing strong support.

Monday, being a day of ‘Merica Monday, students dressed up with blue, white, and red

clothing. White pants, blue blouse, and red handkerchief, or blue skirt with white blouse and red hairband filled the main hall.

Mardi Gras Tuesday filled the school with green, purple, and yellow. Students with each

different characteristics made this day unique.

Wednesday, a day of westernization changed the school to a world of western, with

cowboys, and cowgirls. The color of Texas soon filled up the classes.

Thursday, a favorite decade day, students wore long flare skirts, a blouse, a beret hat, or

clothes of 50s and 80s. Searching and dressing up for the clothing from famous movies students like, school time traveled back to 80s and 90s.

Friday, is the day of Homecoming!  Luau Theme day, a hawaiian style clothing once

again filled the school. Also, this was the day when homecoming shirt was also allowed to be worn! Also, with white, green, blue mums students spread their school spirit so well, the homecoming was won by Mavs.

This spirit week was one of the week that was most supported by students and teachers.

The week of homecoming has now ended, and also has the spirit week. It seems like

every student enjoyed this week. Student Council is searching for new and unique idea for upcoming spirit week. Next spirit week is coming so be prepared for it!