Pho Thanh Nhi Review


Image by Isabella Vera

Pho Thanh Nhi is a pho restaurant in Cedar Park which offers a variety of food. Their menu includes vermicelli bowls, Bahn Mi sandwiches, of course Pho and even some Chinese dishes. They are a family owned business, and even though it’s a small restaurant, their food makes up for it. 

Their selection of Pho is good and has most of the classics on the menu, such as seafood, brisket, flank, round steak, a vegetarian option and an option with just noodles and broth. They also have a special type of pho that can only be found in their restaurant that contains a spicy broth and lots of veggies and meat. Ranging from $8 to $11, it’s cheaper than most other pho places. The broth is made the day of and you can tell. It’s super fresh and it has a clear beef taste. You can tell the owners put their whole hearts into it. The noodles pair so well with the broth, and depending on which meat is in the soup, it makes it perfect. The brisket is super tender, and in big slices. They don’t skimp out on the meat, which is a nice touch. The vegetarian option is good too, because they give big pieces of veggies and tofu. 

Their appetizers are a big hit, too. Their egg rolls are huge and have lots of filling, so there’s meat and veggies in every bite. Their spring rolls are the same way. They are big and they never skimp out on the filling. The pork and shrimp spring rolls have cut up pieces of sweet barbeque pork and full sized shrimp in them. They also have wonton soup, which is a hit with regulars there. 

Pho Thanh Nhi now offers a variety of boba and desserts. They have a couple different flavors, such as strawberry, taro, plain milk tea and so on. They use a different type of boba than a standard boba tea shop. It’s thicker and not as chewy, but the tea makes up for the tapioca pearls. 

The only complaint was the parking, but parking a little further can make that issue go away instantly. The place is super cute, family owned, has great pho, lots of variety and is a great place to go with family and friends.