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Mr. McGilligan takes on Philosophy

Former McNeil student George McGilligan, class of 2019, has made a return to campus, though this time, he’s teaching. He is taking over a class once taught by former social studies teacher, Ryan Longino. Teaching in the same classroom and taking on the same courses as Longino did in the previous school year, McGilligan begins his first year of teaching with a full plate.

“It’s a little intimidating, but I did student teaching here at McNeil so I do have some experience,” McGilligan said.

Philosophy is not a typically tangible subject, so students aren’t given many rules to take guidance from in this elective. With that being said, he was asked about what a philosophy course is to him.

“This class is about wisdom, thinking about the world and getting a better understanding of it,” McGilligan said.

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McGilligan believes that learning how to think for yourself and gaining a sense of individuality in opinions plays a big part in students taking this class.

“It’s a good way for students to think of ideas for what they want them to be,” McGilligan said.

He discusses how philosophy tends to ask many basic questions that are typically rather frustrating questions. According to him, the frustrating questions are what allow students in the course to think deeper into subjects and gain a sense of individuality in their thoughts and opinions.

McGilligan is excitedly ready to guide his students into exploration of their individuality senses, as he gets to learn and hear some new views from his students on philosophical topics.

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