You Win Some, You Lose Some

Mavericks not discouraged after entering tough season


Wide Receiver, Justin Ward, carries the ball forward, before gaining a first down for the Mavericks.

August 26 marked the restart of Friday Night Lights for McNeil. School spirit overflowed, the scent of excitement lingering still from the hype-train leading up to game day.

“I was confident we would do well. Everything has connected in practice and we are holding form really well,” senior tight-end, Ethan Moeller, said. “I knew the team could pull through,”

McNeil won 44-14 over Austin High.

The Mavericks got off to a rough start, gaining a flag for an illegal kick formation. However, none of that mattered as within no time the Mavs scored their first touchdown, along with a successful point conversion. McNeil continued this progress, ending with seven touchdowns total and only conceding two.

“We all played good, this team has potential and we could get really far this year if we keep up the hard work,” kicker and senior Pablo Mondragon said.

This past Thursday, McNeil played against Harker Heights. This game didn’t go as well.

The Harker Heights Knights managed to pull an early touchdown and steadily increase their lead.

By the third quarter, McNeil managed to score a touchdown, but the Knights consistently held them back finishing 28-7.

However, McNeil, played a good game and had several interceptions and managed to come within 20 yards of the endzone consistently.

“We were playing a good game,” defensive end and junior linebacker, Logan Clifton, said. “We just need to fix the little things. Also, Harker Heights is a good team and was a tough opponent.”

The team went on to play Del Valle, suffering a last minute defeat from a Cardinal’s touchdown with 30 seconds on the clock. The touchdown came into question after a flag was thrown on the play for unsportsmanlike conduct by the Cardinals, but ultimately, it was ruled that the offense occurred after the touchdown was scored and the points remained.

After the game, Zarrick Scott, senior defensive tackle, said, “Yeah, we’re a little angry about the call, but at the end of the day it was on us for letting them get that far. We just have to put in more work and tighten up the defense for next time.”

Despite the recent hardships, the Mavs remain unfazed as they prepare to take on the Killeen Kangaroos Friday at 7:30 p.m. at Leo Buckley Stadium in Killeen.